Sunday, June 30, 2013

Neena and Granddad: Part 3

We took my parents to one of our favorite spots in Durham. The Eno State Park. We have one particular picnic table that we go to every time. It sits on top of a hill overlooking the river and is very wooded.We packed a picnic that morning and headed out!

Here I am trying to get JT on my back. Y'all, he's a big boy! But I'm very thankful for a durable Kelty carrier.

I LOVE this picture. Thanks mom for getting this! You can see Bella and Granddad in the front.

We saw lots of turtles and butterflies and bugs.
This is how JT would look at the turtles in the river. Or this is how he would look at anything that moved and he thought it was a turtle. He would lean ALLLLL the way over and nearly knock me over too. Then he would try to turn around to tell Neena about it. Needless to say, Neena and I were laughing alot about this!
These next series of pictures that mom captured will probably go down in history as some of my favorites of my and my little guy.

Bella enjoyed climbing rocks and skipping over tree roots.

We stopped for a nice picnic and Mike met us for lunch.

I love this picture. Bella had Granddad sit down and she was playing "school". She was making him do the pledge of allegiance and sing 'My country tis of thee'. Then they were doing their letters. JT grabbed Neena's hand to go see what it was all about. This moment is one that you want to just stop time and enjoy it.

The next day we went to the Museum of Life and Science. Our first stop was the butterfly house.
Then we went to look at the bugs. The person on the other side of this case is my dad. I love this picture too!

Bella the llama.

Of course, we had to ride the fun train.

I was the 5th wheel on the trip. But I am totally ok with that!

Stay tuned for the final installment of the grandparental's visit.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neena and Granddad Part 2

My dad bought the kids little ice cream cups last summer. He also wrote a song about eating ice cream that Bella now calls "Granddad's ice cream song". We usually sing it every time we have ice cream and she has taught it a couple of people too.
I lift you up.
My ice cream cup.
Let's have a party.
An ice cream party.
With chocolate dip
And butterscotch chips.
Let's have a party.
An ice cream party.
They will lift their cups while they are singing like they are toasting eachother.

Neena and Granddad had LOTS of reading time with the kids.
The weather was spectacular for the whole week. We were outside nearly all day every day.

One afternoon, we ventured to the UNC Arboretum. It was a perfect overcast day for us.
I just LOVE this picture!

Then we went home and played outside again.

And more reading to top the day off. Awww summer!