Saturday, November 22, 2014

An intersection with grace

Every year I make a book out of all my blog entries for myself and the grandparents. And, each year I enjoy looking back at all the pictures. I cry and I laugh and I am thankful for the reminder of everything that has happened in the year. When I went to make this year’s book, I noticed it was not near as full as in years past. I didn’t blog as much at all - which is a pretty good indication of what this last year has been (read: school and busy!). But I still had some great pictures and moments documented. 

The end of this year culminated in my dissertation proposal. The weeks working up to the proposal were full of lots and lots of work, coffee, more childcare than I wanted for the kids, too much pizza and easy-go-to-meals, worry, lack of sleep, few date nights…you get the idea. Then the proposal came and went much quicker than the preparation period. So did my worry - It ended very well! 

Those moments where I’m not with my kids or husband as much as I want to be make the moments like this weekend so incredibly special. We celebrated with a nice dinner and ice cream. And most importantly, we cuddled after bath time and I read books with a little more gusto. We stayed in our pj’s all Saturday and ate too many pancakes. We went on hikes with a leisurely pace and crunched in the leaves. We chased each other around the house and danced to “Overwhelmed”. And I cried at most of these moments. Don't worry. My kids and Mike are used to these happy and thankful tears!

I’m so thankful for my family. And for my school. And for the grace that is taught through the intersection of the two. My kids went with me to school and sat at their "desks" one day. We went for coffee and hot chocolate before going to work. We toured the library at my school and had lunch with my friends. It was a special moment of sharing with them a little of my world while I always invade theirs as their momma. This intersection. This grace. I do not always see it for what it is but am getting better at noticing the intersection and leaning into it. I wish I could adequately capture the joy and peace and grace these pictures represent. But I can’t. So I will let them speak for themselves! I want a documentation of grace evidenced in my kids and our smiles!

Fall at duke gardens!