Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am full of pride!

This month, my husband graduated with his MDiv degree from Truett Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. And I am one proud wife! I was proud of my Masters degree but i'm definitely more proud for Mike of his. This is probably because I got my Masters when we didn't have children. However, during his Masters program, we had two children (one during midterms and the other at the end of the semester with papers and finals), I worked full time, he worked on campus and then became the pastor at Liberty, and commuted 45 each way to Waco ALOT. I think it should also be mentioned that he took baby-duty for both of our children when they were infants who didn't sleep through the night, he always had time for me when I needed it, he rocked a baby and then went to write a paper until the wee hours of the morning, he put family-time first ALWAYS, he took our daughter to the park to play and then finished his homework during her nap time, he always made sacrifices so I could work at a great job, he cleaned the kitchen and then studied Hebrew vocabulary, he took me out of dates and then studied when he got home....seriously, the list could go on and on. But it's hard to sum up the love he showed to us as a family and the sacrifices he made to get this degree. These are the reasons why I am so proud of him. It hasn't been perfect and it's been difficult at times (especially when he has 78 papers due all at once - ok, that's stretching it - but if you know Mike he writes dissertation-level papers at.all.times). But, through it all he has been "present" with us as a family. And, he still received all A's in his program. And, he earned the respect of lots of professors. So, yes, I am so proud of him for finishing his program with integrity and excellence and first-and-foremost, love for us as a family. Ok, enough of the gushing. I could keep going though. hehe! Told you I was full of pride!

Before we left for the ceremony, we decided to take a picture with our Masters degree regalia. But we had a hard time not being's Mike being studious...You have a master's're supposed to be studious, right?!
And here I am being studious...then we needed to really be "us"...
The graduates.
That's more like it.

My parents and his parents with the kids and I loaded up to head to Waco and meet Mike for the ceremony. This is First Baptist Church of Waco where the ceremony took place.
And inside the church.
Here are the Bailey's. We LOVE them! They have been there from the beginning and have become like family to us.
Here's Mike walking in. I may or may not have nearly started crying with pride at this point. ha! He's making eye contact with Bella. If you could see her face, she would simply be staring at him.
Here's Mike waving at Bella. Again, Bella is simply staring.
Bella then saw her daddy walking away and had a little meltdown. Poor thing.
The graduate!
Mike is the tall one on the back row. ha!
I love this picture of me and the Lagrone grandparents. Yes, I was beaming with pride that I was married to one of the graduates. The good looking one too!
This is Judge Starr presenting Mike his diploma.
Dr. Garland, Dean of Truett Seminary.
The infamous Dr. Stroope. This man was such a blessing to Mike at Truett and to us as a couple throughout the years.
The cheering section (minus my mom who took the picture). This was one of those special moments when you're surrounded by family and your children and being extremely proud of your husband. I was so thankful at this moment.
The cheering section again. This is the point in the ceremony when I nearly lost it one more time.

Mike with Dr. Joe Bailey. We LOVE this couple!

On the way to the reception after the ceremony, Bella found the playground. And went DIRECTLY to it. PawPaw had slide-duty for a while!
Bella and her proud daddy.
Us with Mike's parents. Notice Bella? Yep, she wanted to slide.
We couldn't wrangle Bella for a picture so we'll have to photoshoot her in. I was so proud of Mike. But, he said he was more proud of his family than his diploma. I love that about my husband.
This picture shows that pride too! Mike certainly enjoyed walking around the reception and showing off the new cute addition of our son. I enjoyed walking around the reception with my husband! I also love being known as "his wife"...Are you Mike's wife? Why, yes I am!
Family picture attempt. Notice Bella? Yep, she wanted to play.
Before the ceremony, Bella wanted to dance with her daddy in her new "pincess dress".

She also wanted to play with all the grandparents who came into town! "Ganddad, look. It's a butterfly!"
Sweet Bella.

On the day Mike received his Master's degree, this is what he did before leaving for the ceremony. Another reason why I love this man.
Babe, I am so proud of you. Thank you for what you have done for us over the past four years.

More adorable pictures

I want to make sure these get in Jonathan's baby book so i'm posting a random smattering of really cute pictures!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jonathan's Dedication

We had the privilege of dedicating Jonathan on Mother's day. And it was even a greater joy that my mom was here on that day too. We started the day with a homemade breakfast from Mike, presents, cards and roses. Thanks Mike for everything! Mother's Day was so special this year. Having lost a baby this past year, giving birth to another one and having preeclampsia made this year very special and more meaningful. During the service, Mike took Jonathan out since he was a little fussy so it was my mom and I sitting there. I don't think I heard most of the sermon because I was thinking how thankful I was for everything. I wanted to put my arm around my mom or have her hold me in her motherly-way but we made a promise we weren't going to do anything that would make us cry. And that would certainly send me over the edge since I was having a hard time not crying through the songs. ha! So, it was a special day to say the least.

The actual dedication was, uhm, eventful. All of the families lined up at the front of the church and Pastor Andy gave us our certificate. Also, at this point I dropped the pacifier. what? Pastor Andy picked it up and said, "Five minute rule right?". I quickly said no and the other mother's in the crowd laughed. Dropping the pacifier was a no-no as you'll find out in a minute.
Then the real fun started. Pastor Andy prayed for all the families which meant Bella would have to stand still for a little bit. Here's how the next few hours (well, minutes but it felt like hours) went:

Bella - Look daddy! People!
Daddy - Is she going to stay still?
Emily - Will Bella stay still? Why did I drop the pacifier? Jonathan, please stay quiet.
Jonathan - squirm, squirm, squirm.
Bella - I want to go up on stage. Look daddy! It's a piano and a guitar and microphones. Awesome! Look daddy! Come on daddy!
Daddy - Bella, we can't go on stage during the prayer time. Do you want to go to time-out?
Emily- Why did we drop that pacifier?
Jonathan - squirm, squirm, squirm. Cue fussing.
Bella - Look daddy! Come sit! Come play! Come run! Come on stage with me!
Daddy - Bella, we can't go on stage or up the steps.
Emily - Why did I drop the pacifier? Will my finger trick him?
Jonathan - WAAAAAAAAA!
Bella - Daddy, sit, daddy, sit, daddy, sit, daddy!
Mike - Let's pray.
Bella - Ok, i'll close my eyes for half a second. But i'm not letting go of your pant leg. Then let's play.
Emily- Bounce, bounce, bounce....shhh, Jonathan. Why did I drop the pacifier?
Jonathan - WAAAAAA!
Bella - Daddy, sit. Look daddy! Daddy! Hey daddy!
Mike - Are we on TV?
Emily - Trying to focus on the prayer. Why did I drop the pacifier? What's Bella doing?
Jonathan - squirm, WAAA, squirm, WAAAAA.
Bella - Sit, daddy, sit! Come play!
Daddy - Ok, i'll sit.
Emily - Jonathan, please don't cry. I'm sorry I dropped the pacifier.
Jonathan - WAAAAAAAA!
About this time, Mike had to hold Bella to keep her from going on stage. This ensued screams of "Daddy NO. Daddy NOO". You would have thought we took away all of her toys or refused to give her a cookie. ha!

So, we were that family at the front with the screaming toddler and screaming baby. Oh well. Makes a great story though!

This is the scene before we went up. Sweet, serene, cuddly. "This is going to go great", I thought. =) That was before my non-shy, independent, outgoing, funny, and musical daughter saw the instruments and the stage.
Little sweetie. Neena did a great job on her hair.
I love this picture.
This is Bella practicing her prayer that lasted half a second. Such a cutie! The other day I found her in her room with her bible open on the chair. She had her hands folded like this and was praying really intently. Don't you know that Jesus sits right down in front of her and listens and talks back. So sweet!
And, last but not least - our family of four on Mother's Day. 1000's "thank you's" are felt in my smile.