Friday, January 27, 2012

A Grandparent's Poem

Grandparents are like honeybees;
They are the very sweetest.
They give you hugs and kisses,
And their stories are the neatest.
The honey they produce
Is more valuable than gold,
For this honey is the lessons
That we lovingly are told.
Grandparents want the best for us
And say we can achieve
Any goal that we have set,
If only we believe.
They help us spread our wings
So when we leave our honeycomb ,
We'll make the right decisions
Though we be away from home.
Yes, grandpas are like silver,
And grandmas are a gem,
But better than one hundred diamonds
Are the things I learn from them. - By Alyssa Marie Bentham

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby rolls

I'm not sure why but I LOVE these pictures. I know one day he'll grow out of these baby rolls.  I'm not ready for that day when he starts walking and then running and then gets skinny. I LOVE baby rolls - who doesn't!  They are so sweet and squishy and babyish!  I might be a little obsessed with them.  But look at him y'all!  You know you are too.

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

JT's first bite of food - aka - this did not go well!

Muscle Man hasn't had any type of food other than milk - so we thought it might be time to try to introduce some other food to him. Remember when we did that with Bella? You can go here to check it out.

Anyways, back to Mr. Picky!  He had no idea what was coming.  I was ready with the camera while daddy fed him a little bite of applesauce.
Uh, not so sure about this.
And, he started gagging.
Ok, daddy's making funny noises and faces.  Maybe he'll like it now?
More funny faces to try to win him over...
NOPE! No win!
"Daddy's trying to show me how to open my mouth. I will NOT do that!"
After applesauce, bananas, and rice cereal we gave up.  This is how JT ended the night. He would NOT open his mouth. Needless to say, Mike and I were rolling with laughter watching his expressions. Oh well, we'll try again later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JT update - 9 months

Little man is just growing!  He is still as cute as can be - and is getting a little attitude. Last week was his "firsts" tantrum when Mike wouldn't let him get to something he shouldn't have.  uh oh!
But most of the time he is very happy. Seriously, happy!  If Mike is holding him, JT will make eye contact with me until I look at him. And then just smile.  Adorable!
He now has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom. Hence, his tongue is out all the time - unless he has something in his mouth - which seems like all the time too.
Little guy has been army crawling for a while but is finally crawling with his knees and hands.  He doesn't do it much though because he is so quick just scooting!
He had his first bite of anything other than milk the other day and!  I have a post coming up later this week dedicated to that. It did not go well at all!
This was his sister's toy that he now gets to play with.  Nostalgia!
Bella was very serious even as a baby and could focus on one toy for a long time.  He can do that too but most of the time he would rather smile.
See, smiling...
And, again.
Here's our GAP model trying to decide if he wants to look at the book or chew on it.
Look at those teeth. They HURT when he bites!
Bella and I had a tea party the other day and he came and knocked it all over. After an initial "MOMMM!!!" from Bella, she was ok and let him play.
He is now fully in 18-24 month clothing-mostly 24.
His hair is coming in and I still think it's red.  I love to make it stick up with baby lotion right after his bath - poor little guy! hehe!
JT, you are such a joy to us!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bella update - 3 years and a quarter

Our little gal is just growing up!  She continues to amaze us with how stinkin' smart she is - and how witty she is - and tenacious - and spirited - and tenacious...

You get the picture.  She is so full of personality right now and I have a feeling that will just continue to increase as she gets older.

She still loves pink and purple. She says those are her "favorites".  Speaking of "favorites", she likes to let us know what those are lately.  Her favorite princess is Cinderella, her favorite thing to eat is peanut butter/jelly "samwich", her favorite cartoon is Dinosaur Train, and last but certainly not least she called me her favorite yesterday AND today.  Score!!! That's a big deal because she's always been a huge Daddy's gal.

She still enjoys singing and will get a rag to sing while she cleans. It's not just any singing though. She pretends like she's singing opera or something - she's seen Snow White so she's singing like her - vibrato and all!

She likes school again. We went through a little rough patch where she did not like school at all.  She moved up in her class so it was the transition that got her upset.  But now she knows her teacher and classmates and is A-ok with going again. Phew, that makes me happy.

She knows all of her letters - capitalized and smaller case. She knows most of the sounds they make.  And, she knows a little arithmetic.  She can count 2+4 or 2+3 or 3+5. 

She knows what a gigantosauras and a microrapter are. 

She can make her "Brudder" smile more than anyone.  She likes to say "tickle tickle" to him and watch him crack up laughing.

This is right before we went to see "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D. I may or may not have gotten all choked up a couple of times during the movie.  It was my favorite growing up so it was special to be able to take her. She did so great too and say in my lap the whole time. Again, score!

Here we are having a tea party in the living room.  We made strawberry cake over and over and over...i'm glad it wasn't real though. We would have consumed way too much sugar that day.  Notice her outfit? That's what she wants - pink dress, glass slippers, crown,  jewelry.  And then she'll dance.

She'll also ask for things by saying, "Mommy, wanna dance to me?", "Mommy, wanna play to me?", "Mommy, wanna hold my hand?"  Well of course I want to hold you hand!  Housework and/or homework can wait if i'm being asked by a certain 3 year old to hold her hand and dance.  We have lots of family dance parties lately.  Or today we played "Follow the leader" while we sang the song from Peter Pan.  She loved it and told her Daddy a couple of times, "this is fun!".  Awww, the joy of childhood. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Progression of crawling/pulling up

Our little man has got this scooting-crawling-army-crawl-scooting thing down. He also loves to go to the fireplace.
Army crawl - scoot - army crawl - scoot
Scoot - reach - scoot - reach
Pull up - grunt like a man - pull up some more
Stand - grunt - stand
Pat the fireplace - look at the fire - exhale or laugh or maybe grunt - or toot
Wonder if mom will let you keep going...
Nope - busted!
And, this concludes this rendition of "Progression of crawling/pulling up".