Saturday, July 28, 2012

Strawberry pickin' with Mrs. Cathy

Hi y'all. Happy hot summertime from North Carolina! In June (yes, a month ago) we had a great time pickin' the last of the North Carolina strawberries with Mrs. Cathy. Bella insisted on wearing her 'bibs "just like Mrs. Cathy". We left early in the morning to start our adventure!

Bella picked out her pickin' box.

And, we were off.  I started out by teaching her how to pick the red ones, not the green ones.  It was a little learning curve, people!
"Look, Mrs. Cathy!"
We love Mrs. Cathy!

These are live-action shots but I love them!  They capture the memory and experience of the morning.

"Look, Mrs. Cathy" - as she yells!
Here's what Mr. Muscle Man did while we picked.
We tasted...
and sampled
and tasted again!

Brother had to sample too.  wooo!  I think he thought it was tart!

I love this next picture!  We're running to the next row of strawberries.

And, this is my favorite picture of the day!

Thank you, Mrs. Cathy, for going with us!