Wednesday, January 28, 2009

14 weeks!!!

We now have ventured into the world of video tape out! Now, we can document EVERY moment with pictures and real-time tape!!! I have not learned the editing software and since my tech-savvy hubby is at school I can't figure out to upload since it's so big. But, i'll load it soon (or, my fantastic honey will). One fun story from the week happened when I was getting ready for work one morning. I heard Mike talking with her and he told me to come look. I came out of the bathroom and found them like this next picture... just hanging out with daddy.
Surprisingly, I wasn't late for work but I had to throw on the rest of my makeup since I joined in the fun playtime. Bella also had some great Auntie time with Aunt Alli this week!

Here are some more firsts for this week....
1. She found another squeal that's even higher than the ones we've previously heard (she's talking all the time now and we laugh when we hear her playing through the monitor),
2. She went to Wal-Mart with me for the first time by myself (and I was ok! She fell asleep pretty quickly. I was nervous she would have a breakdown and then i'm sure I would have a breakdown too. But, it was a good experience, thankfully),
3. First time to hang out with our fantabulous friends Sarah and Mike. They took us out for my birthday dinner...yummo and great company! We are super excited about the upcoming wedding!

4. First time to ride in the carrier with daddy,

5. First time to wear a bow...I'm actually warming up to the idea of bows!, and

6. First time to roll off of daddy's chest! She's going to be rolling over soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 months old!!!

Little Miss B will be 3 months this week...and if you're counting weeks she'll be 13 weeks tomorrow! She is definitely finding her voice more and more. We laugh at her alot now because she'll just talk and talk in her crib or on her playmat. And, she LOVES getting zerberts (is that how you spell it?). It's where you blow on her belly and it makes a funny noise. She'll look at you as if she's saying, "What are you doing?" and then kick her feet and coo and throw her hands up in the air. Super cute!! We can hold her up like she's standing and she'll bounce and coo and talk and look around with those huge eyes! Aunt Alli came over last night and helped with a bath, which is still one of my favorite times (if she doesn't decide to pee-pee right when we put her in the tub). Bella's still a champ at sleeping through the night, which started at 6 weeks, praise the Lord! I have posted her picture by the giraffes and had to move away from the green pillow because she's so long. No, I didn't cry...but, sometimes I want to when she's growing out of her outfits! The past few weeks have been full of firsts...and since i'm documenting EVERY first I thought i'd share it with you. It was her first trip to my office to see the crew at the CDM, her first trip to Best Buy where we shopped for a video camera (yay, now you can see her in action! Watch out we come), her first presidential inauguration, and her first time to suck her thumb. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the inauguration and festivities! I won't go into political rhetoric but it will Bella's first president to be inaugurated. I couldn't help but get teary-eyed when I watched all the past presidents walk in and especially when Obama took the oath of office and gave his speech. Regardless of how everyone voted, I enjoy his hope for the future! And, it was both a historic and moving day with Obama's speech and watching his interactions with the past presidents and his family. I do look forward to the future and am excited that Bella will experience this memory one day! I also admire Michelle Obama as a mother, a professional, and a woman who carries herself with confidence, grace, and beauty. I've watched and read some of her interviews and have always been impressed with her love for her family and also her professionalism. Plus, she looked hot in her ball gown!! For now, I hope you enjoy the new pictures of life as we know it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Birthdays and a cute baby!!!

My sister and I celebrated our 28 birthday this weekend!! We had a great time at a party with friends and family at Allison's house on Friday night. And, then had a special sister-date at Starbucks on Sunday. We decided to each make eachother's cake with an "E" and an "A" on it. I made Allison a chocolate cake with the "A" spelled with Hershey kisses and Allison made me a vanilla cake (with yummy homemade icing...mine was a can) with an "E" spelled with strawberries. Even though the strawberries were sliding you could still tell it was an "E". It was a fun weekend and i'm so glad she's 1.5 miles away to celebrate with eachother. We haven't had a real celebration like that with one another in 10 years! So, it was memorable. Love ya sista-friend!

When I got home from the sista-date, Mike had a special present for me. Last year on my birthday he bought me the Willowtree figurine of a pregnant lady. We weren't expecting Bella yet but he said it was "hoping" for a baby. This year, with Bella here, he bought me the Willowtree figurine of the mother holding a baby. What a difference a year makes. It was so sweet and it's neat looking back at where we were a year ago on my birthday. Thanks babe! And, here are some Bella pics of tummy time!! Cute, cute, cute. She's getting really strong and is scooting herself over on her play mat and is nearly rolling over. We'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!

2008 was a wonderful year, for reasons I do not have to explain! Some of the top moments are of course finding out Bella was on her way, telling Mike about our pregnancy, hearing the grandparent reactions, going on a fantastic Christmas date with my hubby, and of course seeing Bella for the first time. I would relive those moments over and over again in a heartbeat! To welcome 2009, Bella woke up in smiles and is usually all smiles when we go get her out of the crib (which makes it very hard to go to work)! Mike has been taking her out all bundled up in her jogging stroller...and she looked sooo cute as you can tell by these pictures. By the end, she must have been all worked out. I came home from work and she was sound asleep in the stroller by the christmas tree. Here's a fun picture of her about to go running with daddy! Classic Bella face! All ready and bundled up to go with daddy!
It must have been a good workout!
We took her to get her two month shots and it wasn't too bad. The worst part was having to hold her little legs down to get the shots. She did great though. She cried a little but she was her normal self not too long after the shots. She weighs 12lbs, 12 ounces and is 24 inches long. That puts her over the 90th percentile for height and weight. woohoo! She'll be tall like her parents. As of late, she's finding out she can make all kind of cute sounds with her voice. Hopefully i'll get videos uploaded soon! Thank you Lord for a fantastic 2008! We look forward to see what 2009 has in store.