Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on Bella

This little gal is also full of life and love and adventure and spunk and heart. It's incredible watching your kids grow up because you see the depth of their personalities blossom. Just when I think I have one aspect of her figured out, I see a glimpse of how deep she goes. It's a neat gift and a sobering responsibility too. Here's an update on sweet Bella.

1. She likes to go on adventures - riding her horse as a cowgirl before bedtime, sneaking past the sneaky-alligators in the hallways, flying on her spaceship (aka. bar stool) to see the galaxy, being quiet to not wake up the monkeys in the closet...

2. She still loves animals and particularly like to dress them up in her own clothes.

3. Little Miss Priss does her hair even before bedtime.

4. Just like the rest of her family, she wants to be outside as much as possible. She's a good little helper in the garden too. This was a Sunday afternoon where went to Lowes to plant new flowers in Granddad's pot.
5. I promise I don't tell her to pose. This is what she does when I want a picture. Good golly, we're in trouble.

6. See that mark on her cheek? That's from her big, I mean little, brother. He's only two pounds shy on her so when he gets on top of her she can't get up. And sometimes he scratches. boys...

7. She can turn the water on and water all the plants by herself now. She was teaching JT how to do it one day too. This was before he started spraying everyone else.
8. She's also a big helper in the kitchen. We were making cookies one night and she said she needed to check them out. So she went to her room, got her sunglasses and flashlight, turned all the lights off in the house and checked the cookies. She was very serious peering into the dough and them said, "YEP! They're done". Ok!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update on JT

Jonathan is FULL of life and words and giggles lately. I'm trying to savor it all since it goes by so fast. But it's definitely enjoyable to watch him develop. Here's a little look into our life with a cute two year old:

1. Little man wants to be outside as much as he can. And, he likes to point out anything that moves, wiggles, squirms, or looks like it moved. His way of "pointing things out" usually involves a high pitched squeal followed by a loud "What's dat?".

2. He likes to ride the horse and say "heehaw" - usually in a high-pitched squeal.
3. We're still playing dress up with Bella. And I'm still collecting these photos but when he starts dating at 38...

4. Y'all, he's hilarious with his facial expressions.

5. He has started doing this giggle thing when he laughs that sounds like a Santa Claus-full belly giggle.

6. He now likes to do He can get out of the bath, dry off, and go to his room. He likes to try to get his pajamas on. But after lots of struggling and yelling for a while, he'll finally let us help him with it.

7. He is completely in 3T clothing. This is a 2T shirt - and he was running away from the camera. But I wanted to document the belly overhang.
8. Mike is taking JT on hikes when he is off on Mondays. This Kelty is genius! Mike said that JT is yelling "Ha!, What's dat!" for most of the hike, usually accompanied by a high-pitched squeal. See a theme?

9. JT enjoys playing peek-a-boo or hiding in places he's not supposed to be.
10. This was a study morning for me where JT decided to join me in "learning". Little epidemiologist in the making!

11. We spend lots of time on the couch looking outside for anything that moves. "ahh! Bird" or "ahh! kitty cat" or "ahh, ahh!".

12. He's saying "cheese" in this picture. Anytime I remotely point the camera in his general direction he says cheese. I trained him well already.

Sweet JT, we love to pieces. And are loving watching your personality come out. Even when it does involved long tantrums on the floor.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mike's 32nd birthday

The hubs turned 32 in April and Bella and I threw a little party for daddy. She was so cute helping decorate and writing on his card. JT was excited about the decorations and the party hats too - until he popped himself with it. ouch! We probably won't be wearing those any time soon. I know I say it alot but I'm so incredibly thankful for Mike, all he does for our family, and who he is to me.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cool weather = smores in the courtyard!

It's summer time! That means I'm officially off from school and catch up on sleep, playing, and blogging! So, expect lots of catch-up posts once again. I'm excited about being able to blog more regularly though now that I don't have to, ahem, study every possible moment. Without further adieu, post #1.

This was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with crisp cool air bringing in spring time. This was also a Sunday afternoon where I had been studying since we got home from church and was having a panicky moment of school-freakout-I'm-not-going-to-make-it. Mike went and got things for smores, got the fire ready, and sent an adorable 4 year old to bring me outside. For a few moments, it was peace again. And ooey gooey goodness. I'm certainly thankful for little moments like this to remind me what's important.