Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Houston with the family! Bella is getting more and more expressive with smiles and coos and laughs. She is so much fun and is growing!! She grew out of one of her sleepers already...And, yes, mom was sad!! We went to church on Sunday and Bella was cooing with every breath through her sleep. So, Grammy and I stood in the back waiting for her to go to deep sleep. But, she cooed the entire service! She must have been singing along! One of the funny moments of the trip is when Nanny was holding Bella. Bella was fussy and I went over to try to help soothe her. Then Nanny said, "Well, mommy. Don't you know I cry. I'm a baby." It was so neat to see Nanny interact with her first great grandbaby. Here are some pictures of our trip.
Bella with her daddy and Great Grand Tom Pop

Grammy, Great Nanny, and Bella
Bella and Proud Mommy

Great Aunt Cookie

Meemaw with her first great grandbaby!
Nanny, Grammy, Mike, and Bella.
4 generations!
Fun with Aunt Christie

Aunt Christie and Uncle JoeyGreat Grand Tom Pop

And, a sweet picture!!! Thanks for the hat Aunt Gayla and Uncle Mark.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Aunt Alli

I decided to devote a blog to my sista, the great Aunt Alli. Since it's Thanksgiving, i'm reminded of how thankful I am for her...for being my older sister (by 5 minutes...does that count?), my laughing buddy, a very strong and kind lady, and a best friend to me. (Plus, I think she's hottt!) I truly am thankful for her...her strength, her love for me, her patience with me, her willingness to be open with me and I with her, and just who she is. If you don't know the great Aunt Alli, I recommend getting to know her!! Love you lots sis!!! And thanks for being a great aunt!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Visit from Nana and Granddad

My sister, Allison, recently moved to Temple (woohoo!!) to work at Scott and White. This week our parents have been down to see her new house and visit us (well, maybe they just came for Bella...but, that's ok). Mike finished up two of his classes (yay!) and now we are all officially on thanksgiving break. Little Bella is still doing great and growing! She's so strong too and likes to push off of our tummies when we're holding her in our laps. She has started this semi-laughter. (To me, it's a laugh...but maybe it's really gas...well, whatever it is cute!) She's still a coo-er and poo-er and as sweet as ever. And, she has a LOUD cry with snorting (lovely) in between cries! Girl has got some pipes on her. Here are some fun pics from the week with the fam! And, it's great to have my mom here for the photo shoots! Miss B is going to be documented!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 weeks old!!

Oh my, it's been a month. Time truly does fly! I look at her recent pictures and at her and fall in love again. But, I do have to say that when I go back and look at her pictures the day she arrived, I get choked up. (So, I decided not to look at them because I get teary thinking about it.) That moment is like the moment the doors opened to walk down the aisle with my dad to Mike...the two moments in my life I would redo in a heartbeat and I wish I could have made life stand still for a while to take everything in. It certainly is fun watching Bella respond and smile more lately. It's been beautiful here in Texas! A cold front is coming in tonight so i've been outside relishing in the fall air. Have I mentioned I love fall! And, I finally busted out the jogging stroller. yippee! She's too little to jog so we walked (well, she slept the whole time). Fresh air and changing leaves and the quietness that comes with nature does a wonder to a homebound mommy! I love the winter and cooler weather too (I think I enjoy all seasons) but I enjoyed my first walk with my passed out Miss B.

Here is her 4 week picture. Enjoy! Happy one month sweet pea!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Time with Grammy...and bath time once again!

Little Miss B had a great time with Grammy while she was visiting. Grammy got to experience the coos and oohs of Bella along with the poots and poops of Bella! And, if I had a quarter for every time Grammy said "You are so cute"! Or, for every time we said it! Mommy is feeling much better these days thanks to the modern medication of antibiotics...and TLC from Grammy. This week has been uneventful other than the normal eating, sleeping, changing, loving, laughing...But, here are some fun pictures from the past few days. And, of course some more bath pictures since that is one of our favorite times! Enjoy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

3 weeks old!

This past week has been eventful. I have had mastitis (yucky!!) so after calling Grammy crying and not feeling good at all she came down to take care of us. She was going to come on Friday (today) but came down yesterday after my phone call for help. She's been a huge help while getting over the yuck. Thanks Grammy!
Bella's been great, again! This little girl is smiling more and more these days with her eyes open, instead of smiling in her sleep (Don't you wonder what babies dream about and smile?) Precious! Here's her updated 3 week picture....and, as you can tell she's a little bigger every time.
Also, bath time is turning into one of my favorite times. (Hence, more pictures of bath time taken by her daddy.) She did so great through it, until she got cold at the end. But, she's so cute and checkin' herself out in the mirror and just playing and looking around. You can't beat the clean baby smell too with the baby lotion and her sweet, soft skin with those huge eyes. (Granddad (my dad), this portion of the post was for you since I know you love that smell too.) The end result was her cute "Things I love...daddy, hugs, and kisses" onesie. That's one of the outfits I wrapped up as Mike's valentine's day presents to tell him we were expecting Bella.

I can't really hold her that well because of the mastitis but I can feed her in my lap and Mike can burp her. We're a pair! And, a cute picture moment caught be Grammy.