Friday, July 18, 2014

Spending time together before school

Our firstborn starts school on Monday. It's a year-round school so it's starts earlier than the traditional school calendar. And it caught me by surprise! A church member asked me last week if I was ready to Bella to starts school. I thought it was strange she was asking me since it was still summer. Then in the midst of conversation, she talked about Bella's school starting next week! And let the panic ensue! I about lost it in the middle of church and had a little meltdown when Mike came home for lunch. I just was not ready for her to start school yet! So this week we have been livin' it up! Here's a little bit of what we've been doing:

We played in our gardens and made a flower arrangement. Bella did alot of this on her own too.
We went and got snowcones. And y'all, I could just eat this picture up. Sometimes my heart is so full with these kiddos. This was one of those moments. They each sat on one side of me and I hugged them way too many times for their liking. But I kept doing like a mother hen and relished the moment. Bella giggled that she was so happy while eating her snowcone. That is success in life!

Bella and I went to the movies together and then met Daddy for lunch and one of her favorite places. She was very animated in telling her Daddy all about the movie. But then she was ready to go before he finished for the rest of her mommy-daughter day. Yep, I melted a little.
We made a campout in the living room with popcorn and candy and rented fun movies from the library. We ate way too many M&M's by 10am. But, whatever. It's summer!
We went to Lowes maybe 2 or 8 times this week. Ok, probably more like 8. But we bought new flowers and stain for a kitchen farm table I'm refinishing. This little one knows exactly where to go in the store. ha!

The pinnacle of the week was going to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. It's such a great place and thankfully we had great weather. I let them stay up way too late into their naptimes but we went to most of the exhibits. Y'all, looking at butterflies and riding trains with little ones has got to be one of the best things life has to offer. We rode the train all hugging and I about bursted in tears a few times from my heart being so full. I know i've said it before but I am continually thankful I love motherhood so much. I didn't think I would before I had kids so these moments are precious to me.
Bella brought her "telescope" (aka. paper towel holder) to check out the turtles.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vacation #1 - Fourth post

After the beach, my parents came back to our house for a week. We worked hard and played hard!

 No trip to Durham would be complete without going to Duke Gardens.

Granddad always has fun crafts to do with the kids!

We planted new vegetables and had some good help. This little man looked tired. =)

And Granddad built a sandbox for the kids. We have had lots of fun in this thing so far this summer! Thanks mom and dad for coming to see us and all of your help and love!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vacation #1 - Third post

Since my mom was at the beach, we of course had some great pictures!

 Look at these two! I am completely smitten!

Ten years married to this guy and still so thankful!

I love this next picture of all of us gals!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vacation #1 - Second post

When we weren't on the beach in the sand, we toured a few of the sites around the Outer Banks. We found a fun lighthouse, went to a kite festival, and visited the aquarium. I think Bella is the next kite-flying champion. Y'all, she did better than some of the adults at the festival!