Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bella - nearly, gulp, 5 years old

Our sweet Bella will turn 5 next month. I cannot believe it. I'm excited for her to grow and mature and become more of who she is made to be. But, I'm also a little sad that she is growing up. That's normal as a parent though, right!

She is in kindergarten and thriving in it! She is an early admit but her teachers were confident she was ready. And, she certainly is! I asked her the other day if she learned anything at school. She responded with, "A little bit. I'm still a 4 year old though. I'll learn more when I turn 5. 4 year olds still play. I'll be ready to learn when I turn 5." ha! Love it! I'm going to remind her of this in a few weeks.

Here's a little of what's going on with Bella:
1. She is TALL and keeps growing. Poor thing has high-water pants like her parents did.
2. She came out of her room dressed like this one day and said, "Hello, welcome to Christmas!". She was very animated when she said it too.
3. She gets photobombed by her brother. Or tackled. Or hugged. Or jumped on. Or snuck up on. Or chased.  The little miss can totally hang with that though. I keep telling her "but you are strong and brave!". She'll repeat to us too while flexing her muscles. At'a girl! On another note, check out her adorable uniform. I can't get enough of the cuteness!
4. She falls asleep reading nearly every night. But, most of the time she at least lays down. Not this night though. Must have been a good book.
5. She likes to sing or dance at all times. Including singing while I'm running. Note to the neighbors: When you hear two children singing or yelling at everything that moves (regardless if it's an animal or not), those are my kiddos. Sorry in advance.
6. She likes to pretend like she's a music director or a teacher or a palentologist or a doctor or a mommy. We're raising an ambitious kiddo. Bella, we love you and are so proud of you!