Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visit from the parentals - Installment 2

I may post another installment but I wanted to get these up since they are so stinkin' cute. And no commentary is really necessary so I'll leave you with the pictures.

Look at that smile. I love this little gal! And, sweet thang playing with her Granddad.
She "bumps" heads with Granddad all the time. It's her way of kissing him.
Reading with Nana.

"Chatting" on the phone with Alli and B Playing with those toes!

Laughing with Aunt Alli and Uncle Brad!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Visit from the parentals - Installment 1

As I mentioned in the last post, my parents came down to visit. Or should I say the grandparents came down to visit - since they came down to see Bella - and that's ok with us. Check out these cute shots my mom captured of Bella's little personality.

Here she is playing with her Granddad. She loved to grab his shirt while was eating and pull on him. Dad also does this thing where he chases her and barely touches her back. She thinks it's the funniest thing and it tickles too.

I love this one of her. She makes this face when she gives you a hug. Imagine that with her saying "awwww" and proceed to melt!
Sweet time with daddy!
More to come!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

17 month update

Here's what Miss B (Bella or Busy or Beautiful - whatever you like - we like them all) has been up to lately.

1. Climbing! Climbing! Climbing! She can now hoist her leg up on the couch, but can't fully get up yet - give her time - maybe hours. She wants to climb on the TV stand, the chairs, the fireplace. Mike found her in the kitchen climbing in the drawers! Yes, we are babyproofing things we didn't know needed to be babyproofed.

2. She is 20.11 pounds and 31.5-32 inches long.

3. She loves to dance - she's always loved to dance. But, now she is turning around in a circle. Adorable! How do they learn these things?

4. She enjoys the outside - she is my daughter - so hopefully she got the "I-love-the-Earth-and-hug-trees" genes.

5. When I sing "The wheels on the bus" she'll sing "oh oh oh" like she's saying "round and round". She loves that book!

6. One of my personal favorite things is when she'll back herself up into us. She'll turn around to make sure she's going in the right direction and then back up to sit down. She'll stick her cute bottom out and keep backing up before she'll finally land in our lap. And usually she's carrying a book or a toy - which adds to the cuteness.

7. She is getting an attitude! She is still well behaved but she is definitely testing her limits. And, she is starting to throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Some of the tantrums include throwing herself on the floor - and, if we walk away she stops, finds where we are and do it again. Drama?

8. She is hugging and kissing all over - little sweetie pie.

9. She has 4 more teeth - molars. yikes! Those things are big and hard to come through too.

10. She has her first ear infection and is on her second round of antibiotics to get rid of a double ear infection. yucky!

11. She still like to push the laundry basket and collect anything and everything around the house.

We hope you enjoy the updated giraffe pictures. My parents came to visit so i'll post that visit this week - maybe in two installments since we had LOTS of cute pictures. Thanks mom!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A letter to my daddeo. From Emi.

Dear Daddeo (that's what I call my dad),
There are many things in life you taught me.
-To never say "never" or "I can't" which has tremendously impacted my life, my work, and my overall disposition. You can ask my husband or my boss.
-To love all people of all types of all beliefs of all everythings.
-To be kind.
-To go for the "stars" (remember when you told me that in the fourth grade) regardless of how far they are.
-To be slow to speak.
-To love nature, being outside, hiding in trees.
-To appreciate feeling different flowers and shrubs (remember lambs ears or spearmint).
-To take time to enjoy the small things, to walk slower, and smell the air. ("Girls, take a deep breath")

But, through all of these, and they all are important and no doubt have made me the person I am today, perhaps one lesson stands out. One lesson I was able to teach my daughter today.

You taught me how to give fish-kisses.

I grew up giving you fish-kisses and getting them back. I've been working on teaching your granddaughter fish-kisses for a while. But, all she's been interested in doing is sticking her finger in my mouth when I do it. Except for tonight! She has now learned (well, semi learned) the art of fish-kisses. I look forward to you being here to receive a fish-kiss from your daughter and granddaughter. A word of warning, though - your granddaughter gives slobbery kisses in general.

Love you,
Emi (that's what my daddeo calls me)

PS: I look forward to you teaching her how to catch rainbows in your hand.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new game and just hanging out with mommy!

Bella likes to play a new game of "wake the parents". We can pretend like we're asleep and she'll yell to wake us up. If her first yell isn't loud enough...then she'll yell louder! She's also learned she can "pretend asleep" too. Except she doesn't close her eyes when she pretends like she's sleeping...and she can't she just breathes really hard until we yell to wake her up. Kiddos imitate everything, don't they! We hope you enjoy the video of the new game.

And this second one is just too cute to not post! I'm sure some will think it's boring. But it's mainly for the grandparents anyways - since they are like us and just like to stare at her doing, well, anything. And, they (like Mike and I) think she is absolutely adorable and enthralling doing, well, anything.