Monday, August 4, 2008

7.5 months and Bella's room update numero uno!

We are at 7.5 months already! Time is flying by. And, little Bella is as active as ever. Our doctor laughs every time I go in for a checkup because she's too active for us to get a good heartrate on her. She's bigger too so her kicks and rolls and punches are MUCH more prominent. And, she love to move and roll!! Dr. Pilkinton said she's one of the most active babies she's, I think we have our hands full. Mike is nervous he's going to have TWO morning people that wake up way too excited about life in general.
We (or I should really say Susy, Tommy, and Mike) have been hard at work on Bella's room. Susy and Tommy came down for a looong weekend of painting the study and converting it to Bella's future room. It used to be a deep red and we chose a yellow paint color. So, needless to say it took three coats to cover it! Thanks ya'll! Susy also taught me how to sew pillows. So, we made Bella pillows for her room. I'm picky about her room because I want her to come into the world knowing nature and earthy things and natural things and things God made, not the materialistic side of childhood. So, I found pillows online I really liked but they were pricey; thus, we made them ourselves! Thanks Momma S! We also had a 'mini-shower' of cute things for Bella from the Smith grandparents. This weekend, Mike put up wanescoating in Bella's room and the last picture on this post is of him covered in saw dust! He should get dad of the year award already! We'll keep you updated on the progression of the room.