Sunday, February 3, 2013

Final Christmas post - Family!

And, to wrap up the 845 pictures from Christmas, I leave you with our most important parts of us - our family.  A HUGE thanks to my mom for capturing all of these moments.

Here's Meemaw with all of us.

MeeMaw with her Great Grandkiddos.
And, me and my daddeo. Oh boy, I'm crying now.

Yep, still crying.
And, my beautiful mom and dad.
Here's the beauty that is usually behind the camera.
Here's all of Mike's family.
One of the highlights of the trip was meeting our first niece, London.  This picture makes me laugh because of everything that was happening around the camera.  JT was mad and about to jump off the couch. We were also afraid he was going to hit the baby or roll on top of her.  So everyone started screaming and laughing and waving their hands...and this is the picture mom got.  Priceless!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JT's first haircut and a trim for Bella

Grammy is our resident hair dresser. She trimmed Bella's hair for the first time.  And usually does a little update when we see her.  So, it was only fitting for her to do the kids hair one night.  And, it was fun to have my mom there too!

Then, it was JT's turn.  And as you can tell already, he's not a huge fan.

So, I had to jump in a help.

He's still not quite sure of what's going on.
I love this one! Check out my mom in the mirror!
And, we're done.  Little man I promise you look good with that new do'!