Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bella's birthday trip to the mountains -

More to come shortly...just wanted to give you a little "taste"...=)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two reasons why we are in trouble in the future:

Reason #1: My kid knows how to find Veggie Tales - on Netflix - on my iphone.

"See mommy!"
Reason #2: This little gal is beautiful!  When her daddy saw this picture, he said "uh oh" - as in "she is so pretty" and "I need to learn how to use my sword".

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Midterms and distractions: And a few other random things

I had my first midterms this past week - and i'm thankful they are over! If you know me, you know I am NOT a night person.  9pm hits and i'm done and ready to go to bed. But I think i'm having to adjust that since i'm in the PhD program with two kiddos. =)  Now Mike and I fix supper, play with the muchkins, put the kids down to bed and then I head to Starbucks at 9pm to study for a few hours.  So i'm proud of myself for staying awake while i'm there!  I have to leave the house to get any studying done these days...I blame it on these two cuties!
As a side note - told you this would be random - recognize that shirt? Yep, it's Bella's shirt.  And it's a 2T. what?
Ok, back to school.  This little cutie goes to school in the morning too. And she loves it!

Wednesdays are me and JT days.  Last week I studied all day long - well, I tried too.  Here's what our set-up looked like in the study.  LOTS of my papers and notes all over the floor.  And the cutie in his beloved jumparoo.
Here's what the desk looked like at the beginning of the day...more to come later.
Here's my life as a mommy PhD student.  I'm studying and I notice little "markings" on my paper and notecards. Do you see it? It's the markings of my daughter.  Some of my classmates have chuckled when they see my notes with scribbles ALL over them.  I love that reminder of Bella throughout the day though. 
The main culprit of distraction while i'm studying is because this little man will.not.stop.smiling!
Seriously, I look over at him and he's just staring at me - smiling!  So lots of playing ensues.  How could you not!
Here's what the desk looked like a couple of hours later....
And by the end of the day I was done.  JT was asking for me to take his picture because he was so cute - so I obliged.
Mooommmmm, why are we doing this again?

He loves his feet lately and wants them in his mouth as often as possible. 
When the other little cutie gets home from her school, my study time is officially over.  

I could go study if I want to.  But who wants to do that when you could play with her?
Another random note - my daughter made a smiley face out of her veggies the other night. I was so proud!
Don't you love this picture? I was trying to get a picture of JT's cute outfit and guessed who jumped in and said "CHEEEESSEEE".
We're off to the mountains now to enjoy the fall leaves and a little R&R!  Happy non-studying everyone!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear sweet Bella Grace,
I wanted to let you know how extremely proud I am of you!  You have been out of your own bed and your own home and your own normalcy for over five months and have done so well in adjusting!  You have been shuffled around to your Aunt Alli's house, both grandparents houses, hotels, and Mrs. Cathy's "resort".  You have been on car trips from New Mexico to Texas, from Texas to New Mexico, from Temple, Texas to Tyler, Texas, and then from Texas to Tennessee to North Carolina.  And have not missed a beat!
Your mommy and daddy are so proud of you in this!  Maybe this means you'll be a world traveler one day!
Throughout these last five months, your mommy and daddy have been busy with trying to figure out how to move, when to move, how to get a job, when to start school, where to live...and it has not always been easy or nonstressful!  We have had to fly across country without you and drive to various places without you. I don't think you minded at all though because you were being spoiled, uhhem - I mean loved on - by your fantastic grandparents!
Sweet girl, you are about to turn three and I just want to squeeze you to pieces.  Your little personality is coming out in very comical and sometimes challenging ways. You are independent and very strong!  And we love that about you - although we are learning how to channel that properly. ha!  Through those challenging times, you seem to come up for a quick hug or a kiss - and, yes - you make your parents melt when you do this.
This year, your mommy started her PhD program.  So this means that i've had some major moments of self doubt and thoughts of being overwhelmed and feelings of "I can't do this".  But, I can't tell you how much I love coming home to you and your daddy and your little brother.  When I hear you say, "Mommy!" and come to give me a hug or a kiss when I don't expect it or when you just want to snuggle - my thoughts of self doubt seem to go away for a little bit.  Your middle name is Grace and you are one very special way to God to remind me of His Grace and to not forget to give myself some grace through life.
 Sweet girl, I'm so proud of you and how you've adapted to "brudder".  You want to mother him (sometimes too much) and help him when he's crying.  You sometimes put him in time-out but that doesn't last long.  Most of the time you want to play and smile and say "look at me, brudder".  It's so sweet seeing your little brother smile at you when he sees you across the room.  You certainly make alot of us smile when we also see you!  If you had a nickel for every time your daddy and I looked at eachother and said, "She is so sweet - precious - pretty" you would be rich!
 Lately, you like to come get ready with me in the morning while i'm headed to school.  You like to put on my makeup and high heels.  You also hand me some high heels to wear so we can match - which is quite an outfit when i'm still in my pj's.
 I simply love to be with you and love what you teach me.   School work has been busy. House hunting and moving has been busy. Unpacking has been busy. Life has been busy.  Your hugs, presence, smile, and requests to read your Elmo book "one more time" reminds me of the precious things in life that are worth slowing down for.  The other night I crawled in bed with you while you were sleeping to simply hear you breathe and cuddle one more time.  I thanked God for the precious gift He gave in a daughter as sweet, spunky, hilarious, and beautiful as you.  Thank you for being you, sweet Bella Grace. Thank you for being grace to me.

The other night after we sang songs, I cuddled for a little longer and told you I loved you.  You responded with "I know".  Sweet thing, I hope you always know that!  I still melt when I think of that moment.
Love you,
Your mommy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy six months Jonathan!

Happy six months, Jonathan!!

Our little man turned six months old! We celebrated with our first cooked meal as a family in our new house.  So, officially we are "home"!  This little man is changing daily and here's a little of what he's been doing:
-He can roll all the way over.
-He has two bottom teeth completely in and has two more coming in. Can we say ... drool!
-He is learning to squeal and scream really loud!
-He is still a very happy baby.
-He likes to lay on his back, grab his feet, and then proceed to roll over.  He still gets surprised when that happens.
-He likes to squeal and blow bubbles at the same time. (Big sister likes to do this too once she hears you do it).

Little man, you are such a joy to all of us.  We love you and am thankful for you!

I'd like to leave this post with showing you his outfit...notice that shirt? Yep, it's Bella shirt. Yep, it's a 3T. And yep, it barely covers his tummy. =)