Monday, October 13, 2014

Grandfriends day at school

Bella had Grandfriends day at school. We are so fortunate to have lots of lovely people that act like Grandparents to our children. Bella wanted to ask Mrs. Cathy, Mrs. Joann and Mr. Reb to come - along with 5 others from church! But there was a limit to the number of Grandfriends to bring so these three came along. And Bella was so excited to show them all of her work, her desk, and cubby. Then they went to the bookfair and this little gal went to town with books! Bella picked out a big book that was one of the priciest. I tried to intervene and suggest picking something else out and was quickly reprimanded (in love) to not worry about it! She got that book and 3 others. It was so great to watch from a distance.

They loved her so much that day with gifts and love and excitement for her progress in school. Mike and I are definitely very thankful for people who love on our kids like they are their own.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

No more pics!

This is what happens when I ask for my kids to say 'cheese' one.more.time.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Final garden harvest

Our garden has not done as well this year as the past few years. The temperate weather, lots of rain, and not much sunshine hindered our veggies. But, we still had fun harvesting and planting. Especially when you're with this cute little guy! He loves finding the tomatoes that are "red, not yellow or orange or green", as he says.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom dad


Fall is here!

Y'all, fall is here in North Carolina. And that can only mean one thing (or a few). I get annoyingly giddy about all things outside - leaves changing, clouds moving, beautiful garden mums, leaves changing. My poor family. If they had a nickel for every time I made them go outside and look at the sky or breathe the fresh air. Now my kids sound like me when we go outside. "Oh, mommy! It's just wonderful out here". ha! Coming from a five year old with a dramatic flair is adorable! Needless to say, we are out a lot. My sweet husband humors me when I make him open the front door and just look at, uhm, nothing actually. Just the sky and clouds at sunset. He does every time too without complaint. That guy, so sweet you guys.

Anywho, I love fall. Did I mention that? I felt like I wanted to break out in a Disney song (or some other really cheery song) when I walked into Lowes. I guess it's because I grew up where we didn't experience leaves changing. Or because I have a bit of dramatic flair myself. Either way, we are happy campers with pumpkins and mums and scented candles and windows open.

Here's my 12 year old, I mean 3 year old, Jonathan. His daddy took him for a haircut and I think it's adorable. But it makes him look so much older so I am partially sad about it.
This little guy loves his cars and had to have them all lined up perfectly on the courtyard steps.

Then we went hunting for leaves.
After Mike got home from work, I went inside to make supper. This is the scene I saw when I went to check on everyone. Bella is probably singing "Let it go" and dancing in the courtyard while these two guys play with cars. Notice the door is open. Told ya I keep everything open in the fall!
Our courtyard and front yard are in full bloom with mums, pansies, hostas, roses, spiria, begonias, and daisies. It's so pretty right now out there.

Bella is on intercession from her school so I've enjoyed having her home for the whole day. She is becoming a great tree climber!

And they both like to hunt for spiders.
I hope everyone has some time to run and play and enjoy the beautiful weather! We sure are!