Saturday, July 23, 2011

PawPaw's love

Bella at 3 months
Jonathan at 3 months

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grandparents are for

Grandparents are for lots of love and more love and even more love.Grandparents are for tickling and cookies and playing outside for long periods of time and letting the grandkiddo get dirt all over the porch and wearing dresses Grammy made.
Grandparents are for dancing around the living room and running around the hallways and jumping on PawPaw (over and over and over) and climbing on PawPaw and sneaking up on PawPaw and and jumping again on PawPaw.Grandparents are for swimming with Grammyand making playdoh farms and barns and learning where you get your smarts and looks and funnies. (PawPaw taught Bella she got her smarts from him. Her looks came from Grammy!)
Grandparents are for eating cheese and crackers and cookies and peanut butter and PawPaw's food.
Grandparents are for opening up their homes when you don't have a home anymore and letting you relax while they take care of the kids and feeding their adult children and two grandchildren with great food and letting their kids store most of their stuff to move.
Grandparents most of all are for embracing their children and grandchildren with love and comfort and support. Thanks for the ever-present love and always-open home!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun with the Smith grandparents

We went to Tyler to hang out with the Smith grandparents for a while! And, as always, we had a great time. Mike and I flew to North Carolina for three of those days so we are very thankful that we could leave the kiddos in great care. Here's some fun pictures from the trip.

Bathtime!Grammy found her a barn to play with.

This is one of Mike's outfits from when he was a baby.
Bella's playing with her brother.
Bella loved playing with the playdoh and her daddy's animals.

I love this picture! PawPaw and his grandkiddos.
We love Grammy and PawPaw's house!This is one of Mike's outfits from when he was a baby. It has a frog on it. His hat says "Kiss me! I'm a prince."

Little Miss enjoyed looking at everything with PawPaw's binoculars.

Spitting...I mean blowing bubbles!
Daddy got some new clothes for church! I think Bella approves.
This is one of Mike's outfits from when he was a baby. Adorable!
He's smiling at Grammy here!

We had to take a family picture to send to a church. I think it came out beautifully!
Next up...more picture from this set of grandparents and pictures from the other set of grandparents.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rub a dub dub - Grammy and PawPaw style

Rub a dub dub
A cute baby in a tub
And who do you think they be
A butcher
A baker
A candlestick maker
Turn them out knaves all three.

This is what we do after our bath.This is what we do after a bath and after playing with Grammy - we go sweep the porch outside! Of course! Who doesn't do that...
This is what we do after taking a bath and playing with Grammy and sweeping the porch...We let PawPaw throw us up in the air really high. Over and over and over.
Well, not all of us sweep the porch and let PawPaw throw us up. This little man was perfectly content snuggling with Grammy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The last month in pictures

I know I know. I'm behind. Again. Sorry about that. But I promise lots has been going on. we've done LOTS of traveling since the last time we talked. We're currently moving everything else out of my sister's house, visiting our families, visiting North Carolina, and about to live out of suitcases. Plus, two cute kiddos keep us busy and happy.

Bella is just as cute as good be, y'all. She still likes to sing and dance like a princess. You can tell her, "Bella, your dress is pretty" or "Bella, you look pretty" or "Bella, that's a neat picture you drew" and she'll respond with "it sho' is". Hilarious! She almost says it like she's either from New York or da' hood. She is still full of personality and independence and strong-willed nature. She is also very sensitive at times. The other night at Mike's parents house, she gave Mike a big kiss before she went to bed. He told me to go in there so I went in for a kiss too! I leaned in and got a HUGE, wet kiss. Then she gave me whispers of "I love you too" and "night night mommy" and more kisses. I was MUSH after that. I can not believe how much I love that little gal.
yAnd, of course there's Jonathan. Sweet, smiley Jonathan. He's a momma's boy too!
This is what I come home to after a long work day.

And, I come home to this. Beyond blessed!

When did our little gal grow up? She's so pretty, don'tcha think?Tummy time!

Apparently the Little Cutie wanted to go swimming more than take a picture with mommy. Oh well.
This seat did.not.last.long.

What a sweet little boy!
Our little man turned 3 months on the 10th. He weighs 16-17 pounds, rolled over front back to front (at 9 weeks), is holding his head up great, likes to sit up!, and is a little charmer. He certainly smiles alot these days. The cutest thing is to look down at him and he's already just smiling away! He's a happy baby - most of the time - he definitely likes to be held. But that's ok. We've got enough love.

We are loving time with our families right now. Be prepared for more posts with lots of pictures with them!