Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jonathan is two months old! And a Bella update.

Y'all, i'm still behind! Not too bad though. I'll post some older pictures and then give the real update. These are from 4 weeks ago.Mike is singing the Lion King song when the monkey holds up Simba. Ha!
True bliss!
I love this little outfit on Bella.

Ok, thanks for letting me play catch-up. Now it's time for the real update.

This is what we are doing every chance we get.
See those natural highlights coming out? Ladies pay big bucks for that!
Bella's about to blow a kiss.

Jonathan had his two month check up. And he is a Big.Boy! He is 24 inches long and 13.5 pounds. What? That's HUGE compared to what Bella was. He's growing like Mike did when he was little so perhaps we will have a 6'4 son?!? As a point of reference, here's Bella at that age.
I think they look very similar!

This onesie in the next picture is a 12 MONTH OLD ONESIE! Wait, isn't he only 2 months? yep. So, that means that I packed EVERYTHING that is 3 months or older because we were probably going to be in North Carolina when he could fit into those. Not anymore! I'm disappointed because there were some really cute outfits that he will never wear. So, we had to go shopping. And, we put an SOS out to our moms - you know, because they'll go to Target and shop for their grandkids any chance they get. =)
He is smiling more too! I LOVE this stage (be prepared for me to say that at all stages - like I do with Bella.) I can usually get some great smiles from him throughout the day which just melts me.
And our little academic man. Oxford bound! Thanks Suz for the cute onesie.
We hope everyone is having a great summer! Enjoy the water and stay out of the heat!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Words of the father - Father's Day 2011

“Bella, I love you now. And I will always love you. And I will love you beyond that.”

I heard these words from the living room where Mike and Bella were playing while I was washing dishes a couple of days ago.
I heard these words knowing they were being spoken in truth from a father who is crazy about his kids.
I heard these words knowing that my children will know what it means to be loved unconditionally on this side of heaven.

I heard these words knowing that my little girl would understand what it truly means to be cherished and loved and honored and respected.
I heard these words knowing that they come from the man that selflessly rocks our son to sleep.
I heard these words knowing they came from the heart of a father.
I heard these words knowing that they come from my husband who loves fiercely and deeply and seeks the One who gave him that love.
I heard these words knowing that they came from the same mouth that tightly holds that little girl when she is scared or the little boy when he is crying from getting shots that day.
I heard these words from the man that teaches our children grace and mercy and safety.
I heard these words from the father who has changed more diapers than I have.
I heard these words from the man that these two cuties look just like!
I heard these words knowing he feels the same way about me.

I heard these words in my living room and then I heard them in my heart – gently, softly, fiercely – from another Father. Thank you, Mike, for the reminder and example.

Happy Father’s Day, Mike!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer is here...and i'm behind!

Summer is here in Texas and i'm behind on blogging...but it's not because of a lack of cute picture of a lack of activity or a lack of anything to write about. We've been b.u.s.y. with a capitol B! The past three weeks we've been packing our whole house, moving into my sister's temporarily, closing on our home, trying to decide what needs to go into storage and what needs to go into my sister's house...on top of that, did I mention we have two children now?!? No? I haven't mentioned that yet? Well, we have two children which makes the process go a little slower. My parents came down over Memorial Day weekend and were a HUGE help in finishing packing and moving to my sister's house. The parentals save the day! But finally our stuff is in storage, we are "camping" at my sister's with beds and a couch and a TV and a card table for "fine dining", and we are settling into a new normal...until the next move. whew, i'm tired just writing. We closed on our house yesterday - Halleluyer! And last night we celebrated with burgers, fries and yogurt. Partay here in this household! I think we'll do nothing but hang out in the backyard this weekend to relax!

Over the past few weeks, our little son has been growing like a weed. A weed that grows way too quick! Bella did not get this big this fast. He must be eatin'! Without further delay, here's some cute pictures of the past few weeks.

The little man loves to sleep on his tummy.
This was our first walk as a family of four! This was also before Texas became the epicenter of HEAT - thus, we were able to get outside after work. No longer is that going to happen!

Anyone want to try and write a caption for this one?
This was at 5 weeks.
And this was this week. What a difference two weeks makes! Don't you love the rolls?
Our sweet Bella keeps us laughing, fo sho'. We have played in the backyard every chance we get. My ever-nature-lovin gal wanted to pick "flowers" so she found this beauty in the yard. "You smell mommy? MMMMM". Yep, she likes the smell of weeds. That's my girl!
My parents bought her a sand/water table that has kept her busy too.
We went to a friend's house in Waco one evening and Bella played with her friend Sedona. We caught them sitting together like this on the couch. Don't let the sweetness fool you though...
They were cutting eachother's hair. Thankfully they weren't real scissors. They had a grand time that night!
I took Bella to her first dentist appointment. When Allison and I went to the dentist as kids, mom would always take us to Grandy's to get a cinnamon roll (if the appointment was in the morning) or to get a shake (if the appointment was in the afternoon). Nothing like ruining those teeth after a check-up! So, being the good mommy I am I decided to follow suit and take Bella to get a sonic drink. Awww, Sonic. Bella did so well at her appointment too!
And, another sprinkler shot. She likes to "sneak" up on me and get me wet. Then she'll run all around the yard for me to get her wet.