Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just because there are more cute pictures...

I decided to do another blog in honor of ...wait...wait for it...
just because I have more cute pictures!

My parents came to Temple for a visit and to help Allison wedding plan. So of course, when my mom comes to town we get great pictures!

Here is Bella lovin' on her Granddad.

Don't you love this picture! It looks like she's having a conversation with the duck. And she probably is.

All animals need hugs too.
And lots of tickling ensued.
Another conversation picture? I think this one is hilarious.
As you can tell, there was lots of playing going on here!
And one of my favorite pictures of our happy (most of the time) gal!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Allison's bridal shower

My sister is getting married in 36 days...she's counting and i'm counting! I could not be more excited for her. And, yes I cry when I think about the wedding day and seeing her walk down the aisle and thinking about what i'm going to say in the toast - I cried in HEB the other day thinking about it. I will be a hot mess on that day! Two words - waterproof mascara.

A couple of weekends ago, the ladies (aka. Allison, Bella and myself) headed to Lovington for the extravaganza. Brad had to work and Mike had to preach so they stayed in Temple. It was a rare moment for just Allison and I to be home without our men-folk. So, of course we got in some good daddeo-lovin'. Don't get me wrong. I love my hubby. It was just another special time with mom, dad and Allison. I stayed up too late on both nights hanging out with my dad outside in the gazebo - with 70ish degree weather - and christmas lights strung through the grape vines - and lots of potato vine and flowers and wind chimes - it was as magical as it sounds! Hence, I stayed out as long as I could. Dad commented that, "This feels like college". To this I responded, "Yes, but there is a baby sleeping in the back room closet now". ha! Times have changed a little bit.
All Bella wanted to do was walk around outside. And I don't blame her. That's why it took me so long to go inside for bed. I love it too!
And, she had a great time with her Nana! Thanks mom for letting me capture this sweet moment with you two.
High five!
Dad asked Bella to smell the rose. And here is what she did. Does licking count?
The girls at the shower. If people say Allison and I are pretty, this is where we get it.
Grandmother with 3 of the granddaughters and 2 of her children. What a sweet family! Cybil is expecting her first baby, Allison is getting married, our other cousin Drury is engaged - it's a busy year!
Another daddeo shot. We still can't get enough of these hugs.

This is the first thing Bella did when she woke up. Notice she doesn't have any pants on? Who needs pants when there is a bridge to cross and a stroller to push and a Granddad to follow her every move.

Enjoy the week! And go invest is some waterproof mascara too. I have a feeling there will be lots of sob-blogs coming in the next few months.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

21 months old!

Dear Sweet Bella Grace,
Let me start out by saying you are so stinkin' cute! Your daddy and I say that multiple times per day. Sometimes you don't do anything special or unique - sometimes we just watch you play and say to eachother, "She is so cute". So, just know you are cute!

One of my favorite things these days is when you pray with us. Before each mealtime, your daddy and I say one or two or fifteen things we're thankful for. You are always included in those statements! When we do this we hold hands and you have started holding our hands too. Then you'll bow that little head and "pray" with us. Usually you mutter something under your breath like you're praying. Then you peek out and start laughing at your momma who is peeking out at you too! That's ok. I think God probably laughs with us too.

You LOVE to draw and color. We bought you some crayons and that keeps you busy for quite a while. Also, see that Noah's ark book? You like to read that one and analyze the pages with the animals for long periods of time.
You are changing so much these days and coming into your "own" personality. Sometimes it's stubbornness or tenacity, whichever you want to view it. Most of the time you're just sweet and happy and talkative! Even though we can't understand we have full conversations with you that are hysterical! You could totally be asking for a car or your own bank account and we're agreeing to it. Regardless, you talk with voice inflection that sounds like you're asking questions or answering questions. You can say "No" really well...and you like to stretch out the 'o'.

I couldn't get a good shot with you and the giraffes this month. You wanted to read to it and then "feed" them all with your books. Notice your face? You're having a conversation with the giraffes.

I went to pick you up from day care and they moved you to the next class! What? When did you get that big? The new lady said "Are you Bella's mom?" And I was thinking "uhm, depends on why...". No, just kidding. I told her I was your momma and she said "oh she is the sweetest little girl! She's nice and never complained or fussed. There was a little boy that was upset and she went over to give him her toy." Bella, you make your momma happy! You are certainly so sweet!

You like your ice cream! This month we had our first family ice-cream date!

You know what certain animals say - a lion goes "rarrr" (and you say it so scary!), a cow says "moo", and sheep says "baaahaa" (yes, it sounds like you're laughing)...We run by 4 horses in the mornings when I take you out with me - and you start waving and yelling "hi horsey" over and over again. You are getting good at pointing to animals in your books.

Speaking of books, you LOVE them! You love them enough to even wake up at 2 or 3am, say 'boouuu' (which is book in your vocabulary), and proceed to want to read every one of them with your parents. uhm, maybe we could wait until daylight hours to read all 14 of your books again?! Or maybe it's your parents fault since we do have an entire wall covered in our own books!

Your hair is getting so long and is still curly. It can even fit in a ponytail - which I don't do because then you really look like you're 12.

You LOVE the outside. If it wasn't 147 degrees outside we would be out there all the time.

You love your Grammy's cookies!

You like to "help" momma water and tend to the garden. Typically, you get really, really dirty and we always have to take another bath.
Bella, you are such a joy to your daddy and I. And you don't have to do anything except be yourself. You remember that! We love you simply for being you. We love you, sugar bean!
Your mommy