Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grandparents are for...Part two.

Grandparents are for endless hours of play time.Grandparents are for walking and bouncing and walking and looking in the mirror when we're fussy.
Great Grandparents are for cuddles and kisses and soothing that only seasoned mothers can give.
Grandparents are for teaching us how to color in the lines.
Grandparents are for love and hugs and advice and "it's going to be ok" to their own children.
Grandparents are for teaching their children where there feet are.
Grandparents are for playing hide and seek and endless amounts of laughter.
Grandparents are for patient times of play.
Grandparents are for Granddads pretending to "bonk" your daddy over the head with a tube.
Grandparents are for early morning feeding of fish and turtles.
Grandparents are for bathtime fun with Neena...resulting in lots of loud squeals coming from the bathroom.
Grandparents are for holding a toddler and a baby (that is almost as long as the toddler) while trying to eat breakfast too.
Grandparents are for always having time to play barbies and read on the floor and make cookies.
Grandparents are for the warmest hugs and kisses possible.
Grandparents are for comfort and an open door recognized by their grandchildren and children.
Grandparents are for teaching their children and grandchildren what it is to love one another.

Great Grandmother Payton

After spending some great, quality time with my parents, we traveled to Lubbock, Texas to see my grandmother. Jonathan had not met his Great Grandmother Payton yet so I was excited!

I think he was too! Can you tell?And we still love our Granddad!
Bella and Neena enjoyed playing with the bath toys nearly every night with lots of bubbles!
This was my Uncle's bouncy chair that usually kids don't get to play in until they are much older. But because we have a HUGE muscle-man (as lovingly referred to by one of our North Carolina friends), he fit right in....he just needed some help in not falling over.

This purple dress was my mom's made by her mom. Bella LOVED to play in it.

Sweet time with Neena.
SWEET time with Great Grandmother.

Great Grandmother helped Bella dress her beddy bear.

Sweet Jonathan!

Grandmother, as always, we had a great time with you! Thanks for having us! Love you better...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time with Neena and swimming

If you are a reader of this blog, you know that my mom takes most of the awesome pictures when we visit them. Hence, she is rarely in them. So, this post is devoted to the photographer, also known as Neena.

My mom has a picture of my sister and I baking cookies at my grandmother's house when we are little. So, we recreated the moment with Bella.

Mom has a picture of her mom giving my sister and I a "lick" too.
One afternoon, Bella was pretty fussy about something. So mom pulled out her weapons - and we played dress-up. Notice Cinderella is playing in the background? Bella loved to "bippity boppity boo!".
If this picture had sound you'd here her singing!
She did this all by herself. Look at that little ham!

Neena came to the rescue that day!

Yep, I think Bella is happy.

She was looking for her daddy here.
We also went swimming at some friend's house a couple of times. It was HOT this summer so this was a great break. This was also Jonathan's first time in the pool.

Jonathan is "floating". We're not quite sure if he liked it or not. Notice Bella in the background? She loved it!

Good night everyone.