Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer 2015

This summer flew by! I've been able to take off all the summers since we've been here for my PhD program. But, this summer was different since I'm graduating. Halleluyer! Even though it was busier than normal, I think I appreciated this summer more than the others. I didn't take time for granted. When you feel like you have months at home with the kids for the summer, it's easy to let time just go by without any intentionality. However, when I knew I only had a few days a week with them, we soaked it all up! (Mostly...there are still tired days and days with too much Wild know, just being real y'all). Enjoy a few pictures of what we've been doing.

Y'all, he giggled so much doing this. The train was automatic and I think he thought it going to run into him.
He's helping me with laundry.
I told Bella to pick up her dirty clothes. I found this in the laundry area. Dirty clothes, Mom! At'a girl.
I know this picture is grainy but it's about 6am while I was reading my bible. This sweet little one comes and climbs in my lap most mornings to cuddle.

Bella still wanted to do homework in the summer. Of course we obliged and bought some books!
JT made his own tea party in the courtyard for his bear, his tractor, and his pirate ship.

Most nights, JT sneaks up to cuddle with Bella while he falls asleep. He will ask if he can hug her every time. It's so sweet.

Happy summer everyone!

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